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Personal Trainer at Windsor Supersprint TriathlonJennie Saunders BSc MSc
REPs Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist
I have always loved being fit.  There really is nothing like taking the stairs two at a time or running for that bus and not being out of breath.  It is the psychological benefits of exercise that appeal just as much as the physical gains.  I began to study the impact of regular exercise on our emotional well-being as a Psychology undergraduate. Our daily lives are often hectic and stressful.  A run in the park or taking part in an exercise class can help our mood after a hard day in the office or dealing with the challenging behaviour of children.
I went on to study stress in great depth during my Health Psychology Masters Degree at Southampton University.  I was fascinated by how the mind and body worked so closely together.  My area of interest was Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI).  What it boils down to is that those every day stresses and strains can have a real impact on us physically both in the short and long term.  Exercise helps to mop up the potentially harmful hormones released during the stress response.  It’s these hormones that, if left circulating our bodies, can compromise our immune system and leave us susceptible to ill health. 
After some years working in Clinical Research I started a family.  With my interest in both psychology and exercise, I decided to re-train as a Personal Trainer.  I wanted to help others realise that exercise doesn’t need to be a chore but instead can be a positive and rewarding part of life.  There really is nothing like that exercise high!
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